Monday, December 3, 2012

more winter holiday titles to enjoy

nothing like going to the library and browsing what the librarians have set out to tempt young readers (and their parents?!).  to apply full disclosure here - the books listed below were my selections and may not reflect the views and opinions of my firstborn, diana, whose opinion i usually get before making such lists.  the titles with stars indicate ones she would personally recommend.

perfect for st. nicholas day:

the story of saint nicholas by mildred luckhardt *

the real santa claus by marianna mayer (this one has gorgeous reproductions of st. nicholas from european artsists)

depictions of holiday carols:

we three kings illustrated by olga zharkova

deck the hall illustrated by sylvia long

the little drummer boy illustrated by kristina rodanas

lovely little collections for christmas:

christmas fairy tales selected by neil philip *

a family christmas selected and introduced by caroline kennedy *

merry christmas: children at christmastime around the world by satomi ichikawa *

stories for hanukkah:

just enough is plenty: a hanukkah tale by barbara goldin *

latkes and applesauce: a hanukkah story by fran manushkin *

and for kwanzaa:

seven candles for kwanzaa by andrea pinkney

seven spools of thread: a kwanzaa story by angela medearis

what i look forward to reading for winter solstice:

the return of the light: twelve tales from around the world for the winter solstice by carolyn edwards

ideas for "making" things:

christmas crafts from around the world by judy sadler

christmas presents kids can make by kathy ross

crafts for kids: a winter holiday book by greta speechley

and other reading:

the little snowgirl by carolyn croll *

o christmas tree: its history and holiday traditions by jacqueline farmer

an early american christmas by tomie depaola *

little tree by e.e. cumming *

more titles are sure to come; for other lists of what we're reading, look here and here.

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