Saturday, November 24, 2012

winter holiday viewing

so, after we've started the winter holiday playlist and brought out the winter holiday reading, it's time to tell you what we're watching these days.

george balanchine's the nutcracker - by far the kids' favorite, this version has marie, the land of the sweets, and the sugar plum fairy

mikhail baryshnikov's the nutcraker - ander is really getting into this one, watching baryshnikjov's amazing talent; this one has clara and the nutcracker prince is her love interest

the muppet christmas carol - this is our family's all-time-favorite to watch, which means it's hard to put it away each year but very necessary to do so or we'd wear out the tape.  this is the version on vhs, not the dvd, which made changes that are quite sacreligious to us, like removing the song "the love is gone."  good luck trying to find the original.  we will simply fall apart when our tape does.

national geographic animal holiday - we especially like watching this karaoke-style with the words on the screen to sing along to.  ander memorized the animal version of "the twelve days of christmas" in about 12 seconds last year, so it's in stiff competition with the muppets' version.

and especially for me:

dr. seuss' how the grinch stole christmas

a charlie brown christmas

it's a wonderful life - going to have to find my own personal black-and-white original, rather than the colorized versions

what does your family like to watch during the winter holidays?

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