Wednesday, November 7, 2012

what we did with all that candy

ok, maybe not all the halloween candy, but we did use quite a bit.  there's usually not a short supply of sweet treats around here.

inspiration for this "candy construction" idea came from seeing posts and tweets asking about "things to do with halloween candy," and watching the LEGO movie that steve recently brought home for the kids, which encourages teamwork via the motto "we build on each other," and thinking about our recent experience with decorating sugar skulls, and remembering how much fun we've had over the years with gingerbread houses.  (i think my friend leigh will be proud of me for this.)

the how-to:

1) start by unwrapping an assortment of candy.  having your medium readily available and accessible can spark ideas.  also, it's easier to eat along the way.  one needs fuel for one's work, right?  (i had to guide ander more than a little on how much candy was for eating vs. building.)

2) lay a base of frosting (chocolate was what we had on hand) on a plate.

3) next, start implementing your plan.  actually, diana was the one with a plan, imagining her architectural design first and then finding pieces to make it come to fruition.  ander seemed to make it up as he went along, trying something out and changing it along the way if it didn't look right.

4) add elements as desired.  diana was hoping for green pixie stix to make grass.  that wasn't available, but she had another brilliant idea - blue carpeting for inside her house.

5) use frosting as adhesive or special touches.  everyone knows using a plastic baggie works well as an inexpensive version of a piping bag, right?


6) step back and let the artists work.

i must admit i did offer more input than i originally meant to.  ander seemed hesitant to stack things until i told him it was ok and showed him how to make them stick; i think he was pleased that his "town" could be more three-dimensional.  when diana struggled just a little to find suitable roofing for her house, i pulled out some graham crackers to help out.  in hindsight, though, i think i could have refrained from examining some of the candy and making suggestions for how to use it.  i don't want to place undue influence, and they had plenty of ideas on their own.

diana said this was not at all what she had expected and that it was a lot of fun.  she's already asked if we can do it again with other treats (she did offer up quite a lot of her hard-earned-by-trick-or-treating candy).  knowing that the winter holiday season will soon be upon us, i let her know that other "building materials" could include peppermint bark and chocolate-covered pretzels.  that did the trick!

i think we just created another halloween family tradition.

and for that, i'm happyer to be at home.


  1. Sounds fun! 2 questions - why are you posting at 4 am? And are you going to eat the creations?

  2. 1) insomnia, headache & cough

    2) good grief, i sure hope not! there's still plenty more candy left. what the kids will do, i cannot say.

  3. What a great idea! So much better than sugar overdose. Or mama eating it all, like I used to do.

  4. You can send the creations to me in Virginia so I can decorate my room. (hee hee!)