Thursday, November 22, 2012

welcoming nature in

while others were busy rushing and driving and shopping and stressing yesterday, we needed a quieter, less structured activity.

explorit has extended hours during the holiday, probably to accommodate the kids who are out of school, but it was relatively empty when we went in the afternoon.  there's a new exhibit on agriculture with all sorts of things to try out plus our standard favorites: microscopes, forced air tubes, rotational surface, and discovery den full of hands-on materials.

we brought baskets with us for a nature collection walk.  a stop at the playground for swinging, climbing, and sand play was a must.

we'd watched schlessinger media's "holidays for children: thanksgiving" video and were inspired by a mobile craft.  we looked all over to find materials for our work - there was an abundance to see above ground and to take from what had already fallen.


ander created his minimalist, simple mobile to stay in nature - he found a place to fasten it in a nook of a tree.  diana and i brought our materials home and worked on our own.  it's amazing to see what we what come up with when we have no instructions - just our imaginations and personal sense of what is beautiful.

though steve is not able to be home for this thanksgiving, i am still happyer at home and thankful that i have the time and opportunity to find these quiet moments to discover and explore and create and enjoy with my children.

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