Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mathy fun for the season

i was certain sure i'd mentioned vi hart before, but in doing a quick scan of my prior mathy posts, i found i had only referenced her videos on mathy food for thanksgiving.

she's an awesome mathemusician and diana and i love to watch her videos. she's quirky and funny and loves sharpies and lined paper and snakes and food and patterns and explaining what she notices.

so, i was checking out her channel on youtube and came across the gauss christmath special.  it won't turn us away from singing "the twelve days of christmas" in our usual manner, which is often ridiculous and full of laughter, but it is amazing to learn so many mathy things in just one song!

as an aside, her doodle music is quite mesmerizing to watch and listen to, too.

the second thing i found was an interesting twist on an advent calendar (or count-up calendar, as we tend to refer to it; it's not count-down because the numbers are getting larger, not smaller, as one would do before blasting off a rocket, for example) coming from let's play math.

and since diana really does love to do math worksheets that are themed for the holidays, i'm going to offer some of the christmas ones available at

don't forget to check out my post about getting our frost on where i mention the sites about snowflakes.  mathematics is the study of patterns, or so i have been told, and there's a lot of cool patterns going on in snowflakes.

yay math!


  1. Dear Dawn,
    Never stop blogging.
    The World

    1. aw, shucks! i'm tickled that you like my offerings. just trying to add a little something special to my little corner of you, world! ;)