Tuesday, November 27, 2012

getting our frost on

it doesn't snow where we currently live in california.  the last time the kids saw snow was probably well over three years ago.  diana vaguely remembers it; ander, not at all.

we hope to travel a little way toward tahoe at the beginning of next year to have a snow day, but until then, we have to be a little more creative.

diana made snow for ander last night, chopping up ice cubes into increasingly smaller crystals.  it was sufficient for him to stick his fingers in.  she donned gloves to make a little snowball, part of her work using different media to create her quark characters.

there's the drawing of snowmen...and snowwomen, and snowbrothers and snowsisters, and snowgoats and snowcows and snowdogs and snowcats (you get a sense of a theme emerging from ander, here?)

there's the singing of holiday carols like "winter wonderland," which contains lyrics about winter underwear.  at least our version does.

there's the creation of paper snowflakes.  online versions called make-a-flake and snowdays appeal to those of us who are not as dexterous with scissors as we'd like to be.  this site offers an interesting rotational perspective.

bonus: if you want to know more about snowflakes, there's plenty to learn at snowcrystals - they have lots and lots of photos, information, and loads of links!

there's the making of crystal ornaments, like we've done before using borax and pipe cleaners.

and there's SCIENCE!  we just came across frostbite theater from jefferson lab, which has a treasure trove of videos about liquid nitrogen.  we don't happen to keep a supply of LN2 around here, so this definitely fills that unacceptable gap in materials around here.

yep, i'm feeling a bit of chill in the air!

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