Saturday, November 17, 2012

getting ahead of myself: st. nicholas day

i've noticed that a lot of my posts regarding holidays or remembrance or recognition of some kind are written long enough after the event to make my suggestions potentially amusing or interesting to read but not really useful until the recurrence of that special day or event, by which time everyone, including me, has forgotten them.

i also realize that living in the present does require some preparation on my part so that i may enjoy it in a timely fashion.

and, because the kids are anxious to start decorating for, and celebrating the not-imminent-enough arrival of our winter holiday season, i've begun the time-honored process of locating and pulling out materials for said holidays.

among the first things i found were my materials about st nicholas day.  (coincidentally, i saw a notice from st. nicholas center on facebook earlier today).

so, whether you already celebrate st. nicholas day, or never heard of it, or have heard of it and want to know more, here is our list from the past (to which i hope to be adding this year): - "discovering the truth about santa claus"- this has so much good information that it's a one-stop-shop for all things st. nicholas-y

- make miters out of red napkins for the holiday table
- leave wooden shoes out at night in the hopes of seeing them filled the next morning with sweet treats
- read the baker's dozen: a saint nicholas tale retold by aaron shephard
- read the legend of saint nicholas by demi

what can you add to this list?

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  1. Now you're blogging about things ahead of time? You, girl, are getting *way* too organized.