Thursday, November 1, 2012

dia de los inocentes

we've been decorating sugar skulls for the past few years with friends and developing our own traditions for dia de los muertos.

this year, actually, this very morning, i learned something new.  today, november 1st, is for celebrating infants and little children (hence the name dia de los inocentes), and tomorrow is for honoring the departed adults in our family history.

so we are still on schedule with our flower-making and altar-building for tomorrow.

and we have something extra special and sweet for today.  our favorite local bakery, stonegate, provided us with pan de muertos and also decorated and personalized little sugar skulls for the children.

i have made my own "bread of the dead" a few times.  the first one was excellent - nice shape, color, taste.  i combined and modified a couple of recipes i found online.  silly me, though, not to write down the details of that success.  i haven't been able to replicate it since then, much to diana's dismay and amusement.

fortunately, we have a gem of a baker.  we like the whole family who we met through the woodland farmer's market.  we enjoy seeing them at various events throughout the communities of davis and woodland.  diana was always certain to get a good deal on her weekly croissant purchase because she was such a consistent and loyal customer.  all of the pastries are handmade with skillful and delicious artistry.  and the mom, dad, and kids are just plain fun and friendly to be around.

i am happyer at home today celebrating those sweet, darling children who call me "mama."

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  1. Good! Glad to know where the bread comes from so we can have again next year!!