Monday, November 5, 2012

color my world

for our third nature journaling foray, we were introduced to another local gem, the honey bee haven at uc davis.

the topic was color.  i attended only a little to what the big kids were doing at first...


...because i was following ander, photographing each color he found.




it was quite special to watch the fluttery butterflies and hear the droning of the bees as they went about their busy-buzz-ness.  a lesson in noticing sound in addition to sight, when one is quiet and attentive enough to notice.


it was amazing to see the color wheel so well represented in one small plot of land.  the beauty of nature truly captured in a microcosm.

i am truly in awe of and thankful for our friend who plans and facilitates these nature journaling sessions.  she is thoughtful, perceptive, and insightful, and she exudes a calm, quiet energy.  her capacity to bring students of different interests and abilities together to work on a common activity, while allowing each child to shine in his or her own individuality, reflects a mindfulness and genuine-ness that is worthy of emulating.

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