Saturday, November 10, 2012

book clubbin'

she did it again, that amazing, inventive, organized mama friend of mine.

she pulled off another successful book club!

this month's selection was charlotte's web by e.b. white.

i was wandering the halls of the library with ander, mostly, but we did get to pop in and see what was happening at various points.  ander and linus were very quiet and attentive when they heard diana's voice participating in the discussion.  (wish i could have heard both the original question and her whole response - i always learn something new and am amazed when i hear her share her thoughts with others in this kind of context.  it might have been about the qualities of friendship, a topic she and i have talked about many a time, and still do.)

one of the activities had the kids coming up with words that were then assembled in curious (and amusing) ways.
people kept asking if it was time for "pioneer days" at school based on diana's outfit.  "no," she would reply. "i just like to dress like this."
one of the crafts, a spider web ornament, used dowel rods and wire and seed beads.

and then there was the snack.  oh, how those kids look forward with happy anticipation of the snack.  and for very good reason: apple cider and donuts.  with icing.  and sprinkles.  ahhhhhh.

younger siblings have a chance to experience book club in their own fashion.  sometimes they find a different book to read, alone or with a friend...
...or amuse themselves by organizing an impromptu game where all are welcome to join in.

i love book club.  and i'm not the only one.  jen, you are a genius.

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