Saturday, October 13, 2012

the pleasure of paper

diana and i have been making darling little creations from the toymaker for years.  it used to be that i would look at the website for every holiday to see what i could construct to delight my children (she's covered many holidays, including lesser-celebrated ones like groundhog's day, in addition to st. patrick's day, valentine's day, canada day, and new year's day).

this halloween, diana has decided to make ALL of the beautiful papercrafts herself.  we had made and kept the pumpkin catalog & field guide from last year; to this diana has added boxes, bags, cards, and magic tricks.  and, as part of the "test" to see if i was well suited to come to her own "haunted room" this year, i was invited to create the boo bus and dancing skeleton box with her.  what a fun time we had, making these together in a dark closet!

diana, at age 9, is very pleased that she can print, cut, fold, glue/tape, and assemble all of these with ease.  the directions are so clear and easy to follow.

i am charmed by their whimsical, charming, detailed, imaginative, and friendly designs.

and marilyn doesn't stop there - she's got stories and toys and books and a blog, oh my!  her website is worth visiting any time you want a bit of cheer and something fun to make.  good for the soul, no matter your age!

note: marilyn, if you read this, i would adore something for solstices and equinoxes.  the winter solstice fairy visits our house each year, and your creations fit her personality entirely! :)

she has graciously granted me permission to post pictures of what diana has made (these are only some of them).

dr. skelly's magic x-ray camera

black cat treat box

magic pumpkin - before

magic pumpkin - after

magic pumpkin - after (other side)

candy corn boxes

black cat bag

self-titled; complete skeleton pieces inside

professor pumpkin's boo bus

madame fortunata's cottage

black cat card



  1. Oh, what fun! Thanks for the introduction to this site!

  2. They are a ton of fun to make. I love Marilyn's work too. It's fun to see other people's versions of her creations.