Tuesday, October 23, 2012

start at the end

steve has told me about his experiences in high school marching band where they learned the last measures of a song first and then worked their way backwards.  that way, you always have a strong ending because you know what's coming.

ander particularly loves singing songs and re-reading books with cumulative rhyme.  they have a rhythm, a consistency, a predictability that can be comforting and confidence-building for an emerging/newly-independent singer and reader.

the book fairy found some lovely new selections at the library that are appealing to ander at the moment:

this is the rain by lola schaefer
this is the sunflower by lola schaefer
the book that jack wrote by jon scieszka

i think they rank up there in popularity along with some older favorites:

this is the house the house that jack built by pam adams
there was an old woman who swallowed a fly by pam adams
the napping house by audrey wood
the gingerbread man
five little monkeys
the enormous turnip (also called the great big turnip, depending on the storyteller)

and some particular songs:

"i've got a dinosaur on my head" by peter apel
"the twelve days of christmas" (especially the version by john denver and the muppets)

i love listening to ander - and diana - read.  they are thoughtful out-loud readers.  if it is unfamiliar text, they take time to look it over first.  if a word or phrase or sentence does not come out at the end in a way that sounds pleasing to them, they stop, correct, and repeat it.  they really seem to love sharing something they really enjoy reading, wanting to include me in their experience.

and they love hearing me read aloud to them and occasionally sing to them, even with them.  diana and i have enjoyed poetry for two voices, such as you read to me, i'll read to you: very short stories to read together by mary ann hoberman.  i wonder what they will sound like when i read with ander, or if the two children read together.

what cumulative rhyme stories or songs does your family enjoy?

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