Thursday, October 11, 2012

pumpkins, part one

our first trip this season was to grandpa's barn (or as ander calls it, "pumpkin farm patch") at impossible acres.

diana's favorite.  of course.  they're mini.

want all of these. they have "personality"

on the tractor ride

after much deliberation, she found the "perfect" one

he had to make several rounds of what was available to make his final decision

child- and nervous-mama-friendly version of corn maze

sweet ducklings

what ander sees when he looks at me

cameraman ander

cameraman ander

cameraman ander.  i'm kind of liking his perspectives.

can never get too much bunny lovin'

a mom commented on diana's sense of style. it's all hers. neither of my children allow me to select their clothing anymore. i must have taught them well enough, though, as they are (almost) always presentable in public. ander is perfectly poised for another death-defying jump over gaps between the hay bales.

drawing a face while skyping with steve

pretty much sums up our sentiments, exactly!
i'm happyer at home because my kids told me how much they love going to the pumpkin patch - with ME!

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