Sunday, October 21, 2012

pumpkins, part deux

we are fortunate to be living within easy range of several pumpkin farms.  we  had started with impossible acres, then moved on to cool patch, where we indulged in the luxury of a corn bath.  corn pool would be a more apt name, as the dimensions are larger than in years past, apparently.  it's a delightful sensory indulgence.  despite the uncomfortably warm weather and lack of shade in the patch, the corn was cool under the surface.  wonderful massage for the soles of my feet, less messy than sand for diana's (own) body burial, and an interesting new landing material for ander the cliff diver.

it's like a giant sensory box, perfect for full-body bulldozing
friends nicole and scott and mama allison (the ones who recommended this particular pumpkin farm) joined us for corn romping, then took the bikes out for a spin on the dirt paths among the corn stalks. 

watching the girls trying to drive together gave me some good laughs.  i hope they are calmer by the time they are old enough to drive real cars on real roads with real people. ander's in the corner of the picture, announcing their arrival, but you could hear their screaming and giggling from far away.

ander, on the other hand, is like the tortoise - slow and steady gets you there safely in the end.
ander loves the calaveras
i thought this looked a lot more like a giant orange, but i suppose in context of a pumpkin farm one could call it a giant pumpkin. we liked it for the sunglasses.

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