Sunday, October 14, 2012

heading into all hallow's read

the concept of all hallow's read was started a couple of years ago by one of our family's recently-favored authors, neil gaiman.  we just learned about it for this year.  as we personally enjoy reading and encouraging others to read what they enjoy, we're all for joining in such movements like these.  (you simply must watch the video at the above-mentioned website.  cracked us up watching what was going on in the background at the cemetery.  in our laughter, we almost missed the especially funny lines about zombie teeth and having friends.)

the book fairy started her efforts at the library early, more than a week before halloween, but considering it's diana's favorite holiday of the year and she's been into the spirit full-swing for weeks already, why not?  the librarians had done an excellent job of pulling a wide assortment of books to tempt our interests and we took thorough advantage.

here are diana's recommendations for scary reading.  remember, she's nine, reads ravenously, and prefers reading a good book to just about anything else in the world, followed closely by her own writing and drawing efforts.

past favorites that still remain high on the list:

the graveyard book by neil gaiman

m is for magic by neil gaiman

clockwork by philip pullman

new for this holiday:

a tale dark & grimm by adam gidwitz

ghostly warnings by daniel cohen

more scary tales to tell in the dark: collected from folklore and retold by alvin schwartz

the oxford book of scarytales by dennis pepper

stories within halloween program sourcebook, edited by sue ellen thompson

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