Wednesday, October 31, 2012

good reads (and listens) for current celebrations

tonight is the culmination of all of our hallowe'en preparations; we also recognize samhain and will be participating in dia de los muertos activities.

since any time is a good time for reading, and we are always on the lookout for new favorites and love sharing them, here are our most recent additions (scary, spooky, and otherwise):

half minute horrors (a gift to diana for all hallow's read)

spirits, spooks, and other sinister creatures (selected by) helen hoke

witches and witch-hunts: a history of persecution by milton meltzer

the short and bloody history of ghosts by john farman

horrible histories: vile victorians by terry deary

monsterology: fabulous lives of the creepy, the revolting, and the undead by arthur slade

a repeat from last year is halloween abc (poems) by eve merriam (ander adores the alphabet aspect, diana delights in the dark and dangerous ditties)

we read on a windy night by nancy raines day before bed last night. the illustrations are awesome! it may have been too scary for ander, even though it ends reassuringly.

the book fairy picked up two new selections for ander for all hallow's read:

pumpkin eye by denise fleming (she's the author of other favorites in the tall, tall grass and in the small, small pond)

the little old lady who was not afraid of anything by linda williams

i found out about a free download from sparkle stories about a jack o'lantern.  i think it will be just the thing for the whole family to enjoy.

and for those who would like to know more about day of the dead, ander enthusiastically endorses calavera abecedario: a day of the dead alphabet book by jeanette winter.  he reads it all year round.

last year's renditions

this year's initial inspirations
and finally, we all recommend listening to sting's version of "soul cake."  it has a wonderfully shivery feel about it.  plus it leads us gently into the season of winter holidays.

i'm happyer at home because my favorite souls are reunited under one roof for these holidays.

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