Wednesday, October 17, 2012

eating books, part 2

if the title of this post intrigues you, you might also be interested in part 1, which i posted here way back in the beginning of this blog.

what reminded me about "eating books": last week, while diana was practicing aikido and irish dance, ander and i headed to the public library to spend some time together.  we love the davis library, especially the children's section, because there are little tables and chairs and engaging toys and plenty of space for kids to explore freely and at their natural volume, surrounded by the comfort and familiarity of plentiful reading material at their fingertips.  ander played with the puppet theatre for a little while, entertaining a very young toddler, then brought one puppet over to me.  "bird" had a conversation with me and asked if i would read a book to it and ander.  i answered that i would, and the two went off to search for something to tempt their reading appetites.

they came back with pam abrams' now i eat my abc's.  we have this book in our personal library because ander fell in love with it long, long ago, and it delighted me so much to read it to him, then with him, that i felt compelled to purchase the book.

ander and "bird" read it together as i held the book and turned the pages and we all sat together on the floor of the library.  it was wonderful to be able to share one of our favorite books with "bird" who thanked us for our kindness.

early in the year, before i started blogging and we moved to a different home (i'm noting this in case you wonder why there is a different location for these photos), ander and i replicated some of the pages of this treasured book.  we used what we had on hand, and just going through several letters was enough to make ander very, very happy.  i was pleased that i could make the pages come alive for him.

i was happyer at home then, in that house, and i am still happyer at home in our newer location, because the people and things and feelings and rhythms that make me feel at home are with me wherever we go.

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