Monday, October 15, 2012

and for the non-scary-book enthusiasts...

i posted here about all hallow's read, which focused specifically on scary books.

for those who are not as interested in something scary, but just want new ideas of books to read, diana recommends any of the series or titles listed under her name here.  books are awarded a place on this list by her approval alone, so you know they meet her standards.  it's not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but i've done my best to list books at least since the beginning of this blog, plus others as i remember them.

to delight kids who are working towards reading on their own, ander (age five) recommends this video: schlessinger video productions: holidays for children - halloween.  he loves the storytelling, legends, and celtic music.  check your local library for it.

as for other things to watch, the rabbit ears storybook classics videos: the legend of sleepy hollow went over well with diana, who was already familiar with the story, but not so much with ander, who was nearly traumatized that ichabod crane was chased away by the headless horseman.

fellow jim weiss fans probably like spooky classics, which offers an alternative listening experience; spooky instead of scary.

as for me, i enjoyed neil gaiman's anasi boys so much recently that i have requested american gods from the library.  it will be next on my list after finishing christopher paolini's eragon and isaac asimov's second foundation.  i don't know that any of these are scary, or even spooky, but they each have their own tension, making them quite enjoyable to read.

and, owing to some poking around i did for my post on the toymaker, i found a new title she co-authored that i just added to my must-get list: haunted histories.

i am happyer at home today because i can sit on my couch, snuggled up with my two favorite little people, all of us reading together.  it's really the best way to enjoy a scary - or any - story.

and now for some gratuitous photos of what the kids were up to this weekend:

diana's newest money-making venture
ander working on his "story" about jack o'lantern (right) and boy with scary mask (left)
the nature table was expanded considerably with the addition of turkey feathers, indian corn, and paper bag trees festooned with halloween-themed stickers from the countdown calendar.


  1. I love your nature table. The lights really add a lot to it--beautiful!

  2. Thanks, I am a non-scary reader for sure, but I love both posts! Snuggling on the couch with two readers sounds like heaven.