Saturday, October 20, 2012

a is for ambulance

for a while, ander was very, very interested in everything having to do with his lego city ambulance.  we bought it several months ago, while visiting my parents in ohio, and he has enjoyed taking it apart and putting it together and setting it up precisely like his lego youtube hero, jaystepher.

ander has a friend whose father is an emt (emergency medical technician).

brilliant mama moment: i asked if there was any chance we could come and see a real ambulance.  YES! came the enthusiastic reply.  (it was not actually yelled, as lisa would suggest doing, but the rest of the sentiment was certainly there.)

it took some finagling of schedules, but this morning on a sunny, cool, comfortable fall day, we got to explore a real ambulance!

paul is an excellent guide.  he's a dad of two children the same ages as mine, and he understands that what the kids really wanted was not a presentation but an opportunity to investigate on their own terms, facilitated by an understanding, involved, and informative docent.  the girls giggled and explored together, renewing their friendship formed at family camp, and ander moved about and asked questions.  to be truthful, he moved about and i asked questions - it was a learning opportunity for me, too!

we got to touch just about everything!  i had my heart rate checked on the the new monitor, saw a test of the defibrillator, and watched with great amusement as paul let the kids try out sitting on the gurney to be raised and lowered.

i learned about the difference between emts and paramedics, and we met a paramedic who was getting the ambulance ready for a shift.

we even got to look inside the disaster response unit which contains enough emergency supplies for 50 people (if i remember correctly).

so here's a big shout out to paul and his employer, amr, for allowing us a fantastic hands-on experience in an emergency vehicle.  hopefully, our family and friends will not need the services of an emt or paramedic, but this visit could potentially make a situation less upsetting for them.  we've dispelled some of the mystery and engaged them in the wonder of emergency medical care.

i am happyer at home today because we live in a community of friendly and compassionate community helpers, and because i could offer another exploratory adventure, like climbing on big machines, to my curious son.

this was diana's favorite nook - the space in between the cab and the back.


  1. Oh, wow! What a fun tour. Bet the Lego ambulance gets even more love now.

  2. Awesome! A is also for Ask, which you have to do sometimes before you can get to Yes. : )

  3. It looks like it was a great experience!

  4. if anybody's wondering what that skull is doing in an ambulance, i'll explain. that is columbo, my toy skull. don't worry, he's not real!