Friday, September 21, 2012

small, smaller, smallest

diana loves tiny things.  she collects them, admires them, plays with them, reads about them, creates them.  label something "little" and she loves it.  littlest pet shops.  mention something "mini" and says she might explode.  LEGO minifigs.  name something "nano" and she goes nuts.  nanoblocks.

no wonder she can't be quiet when it comes to quarks - zooming in on them is one of her favorite things to do when looking at the scale of the universe.

so nanoscience is a pretty cool topic to investigate.  check out this treasure chest:

nanozone at the lawrence hall of science

what is nano?

nanodays at explorit

nano activities at how to smile

the nanosphere at dragonflyTV

want a newspaper for little ones?  try the mini page!  diana has them sent to her by her great-grandmother, who gets them in her own newspaper.  it's a wonderful way for them to connect on shared interests.

one of diana's favorite books and blogs is about tiny teeth.  we first saw my milk toof by inhae lee in the gift shop at the crocker art museum.  diana waited and saved and bought her own copy.  then we discovered there is a blog!  the artist lives not too far away in berkeley - i'm trying to figure out how we can get to meet her.

and diana loves to make tiny things for her tiny things.  this week, she's been building things for her littlest pet shop ladybug named dotty.
bedroom in a box.  i love the window shutters, pillow rolls, lamp on the nightstand.  note the mess of books on the shelves.  there's a book on the table, too.  apparently dotty likes to read late into the night and has to be reminded to turn off the light and go to sleep.  hmmm, art imitating life here?

whoops, caught her in the bath.  sorry, dotty!
snug in her towel.  i can't get over the little details and use of things we have around the house: LEGO faucet, bottle cap, thimble, scraps of fabric and paper and tape and recycled containers.
tinkertoy- and lego-based amusement park, complete with littlest pet shop "adults" to make sure the "kids" had fun and stayed safe

ticket booth and play structure
snack stand - cheese, iced tea, and popcorn
giant swing
i am happyer at home because good things do come in small packages.

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