Thursday, September 20, 2012

piratey things

september 19 is international talk like a pirate day.  we've been celebrating it in our family for a long time, even before the kids came along, i think.  it's fun and silly and ranks up there with any of the hallmark-inspired holidays for us.  fortunately, it's more about connecting in a humorous fashion than gift-giving, which i really appreciate.

thanks to my connections via facebook,  i found this link to a whole unit study on pirates.  not that we are doing it, mind you, but the crossword puzzle looked like fun.

when i reposted that, one of the women i know who is very much familiar with seafaring vocabulary (through personal experience) tactfully directed us to a more accurate glossary of nautical terms.  i was proud of myself for recognizing many of them from conversations with steve about his navy experience.  you can bet that when the kids learn to sail, they'll know the correct words to use!

and then there are the places that devote themselves to debunking and investigating.  the skeptic questioner in me (who turns her head to the side and says, "really?") loves to look at those, though i really do have fun saying "aaaarrrrrrrrrr!" and "ye scurvy dogs!"  i hope i'm not offending anyone by doing so.

the ultimate in historical inaccuracies might just be an online pirate name generator, of which there are many.

and then i remembered we borrowed a book from a friend when ander had his pirate birthday partysee-through pirates by kelly davis was an interesting read.  lots of fascinating facts and definitely not for the faint of heart.  the life of a pirate was not a pretty one.

but for us, the fun is in saluting each other with (our) universal sign of being a pirate - holding one hand over an eye (to represent an eye patch), holding the other hand up in with the asl sign for the letter x (to represent a hook), and yelling "aaarrrrrrrrrrrrr" and laughing hysterically.

i am happyer at home with my own little pirates.

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  1. Thanks, matey! Celebrating connecting in a humorous fashion- we all need more of that!