Saturday, September 8, 2012

lauren ipsum: computer science for kids

i learned about this computer science for kids book a little while back in this article.  i suggested it to steve, who agreed it looked like something that might be a good addition for our home library.

i just finished reading it and was highly amused.  it reminds me a lot of the phantom tollbooth by norman juster, a childhood favorite of mine and a favorite of diana's, too.  it's a crazy alice-in-wonderland adventure of a girl named lauren who finds herself in a mysterious world and needs to figure out how to get back home.

the notes in the back were particularly informative for me. i was able to identify, or at least recognize, some of the terms as they appeared in the book as characters or places or concepts, but it was the information in the notes that really made it clear for me.  i was even more impressed with the author's work based on that.

for being a computer science book, lauren ipsum mentions NOTHING about computers, and it's told as a story, so it doesn't come across all textbooky, so i'm fairly certain diana will enjoy it.  i have a feeling that kids who like the life of fred math series would like this book, too.

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