Sunday, September 9, 2012


how is it that we have lived here for three years and just now learned about funderland?

it's probably all for the best, though.  both kids are at the right ages & stages right now to enjoy at least some of what funderland, an amusement park has to offer.  their recent experiences at the county fair and at six flags gave me the insight i needed to recognize that this could work for them.  i'm glad my hunch was correct.

it was comfortable, sunny weather; not too hot, as it was late morning/early afternoon and there was plenty of shade.  the park itself was large enough to hold a number of rides but small enough that diana could easily get the lay of the land quickly and find her way around alone, if necessary.

someone in our homeschool group organized a "school" event for us, so we could get a good deal on the price.  it was more expensive than what we would typically do on our own.  (six flags was pricey, too.  we were able to go because our realtor gifted us tickets and a parking pass as a thank you gift for contracting with her to sell our house.)

diana stuck close by a good friend of hers most of the time; they enjoyed many of the same rides and were agreeable about taking turns on who sat where.  she showed a great deal of self-awareness and lots of openness about trying different rides; she even agreed to try the log flume and liked it so much that she and her friend kept getting back in line to go again and again.  she was pleased that she could find so many opportunities to enjoy herself in this quieter, more kid-friendly environment.  she thought the overall experience was awesome.

ander and i explored together.  he invited me to ride the "flying dragon" first.  he had enjoyed the "dragon wagon" so much at the fair, so we thought it would be ok.  we should have watched more before going on.  it was a roller coaster that started out slow and easy and then turned into a faster whirlwind that upset ander during the first go-round; we had two more times around to endure before the ride was over.  he hung in there but was happy to get off the "scary dragon."  then we made mistake number two: the spinning teacups.  now, he's a kid who loves to spin.  he enjoyed similar rides elsewhere.  this time, though, all that circular motion (right after the roller coaster) overloaded his senses and he sat very quietly next to me, asking me when it would stop.  you know, when you're having fun, the ride seems way too short; when you want it to be over, the time seems to drag on interminably.

after that, we wandered around for a bit, watching the other rides before choosing the next one to get on.  he loves airplanes and had good experiences before; this one was no different, thank goodness.  he looked so happy, rising up in the air as soon as the ride began, staying aloft until the very end, relishing the breeze and beautiful blue skies.

between that and the carousel, where he invited me to mount a horse right next to his so we could hold hands as we galloped up and down and around and around, he had a fine time, too.

the two hours included some snack breaks and checking in with friends as we went from one activity to another or raced to get back in line.

the fair had been so very, very hot and crowded and loud.  six flags had been so very, very large and busy and loud.  funderland was just right for me and mine, especially with friends literally along for the ride.  all's well that ends well, and this adventure ended on a high note.  so i'm planning an event to take them back again soon.

i'm happyer at home because i am able to find what works best for us quite close to home.

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