Saturday, September 22, 2012


autumnal equinox.  it's finally here. aaaahhhhhhh...

it still feels like summertime here, particularly in the 90 degree afternoons, but the nights are cold and the mornings pleasantly cool.  the kids complain about the chilliness when they eat their breakfast, but it makes my hot chai that much more pleasurable.  night-times with windows open, breezes stirring my perfectly-tuned wind chimes, and snuggly-warm children to cuddle with.  soon i'll start wearing long-sleeves shirts again :)

i'm starting the process of changing over the decor in the house to reflect the seasonal change and mood.  i've located the bin in the garage that contains halloween costumes and the crafts we've made over the past few years: watercolor leaf garlands, cheesecloth ghosts, starched yarn pumpkins.

someone was really excited about saving & earning enough money to purchase a costume this year (we typically make our own).  she's wearing it all the time now and is beyond-words-happy with it.
i spent some time looking at the library's fall holiday/harvest celebrations books.  i discovered volume one of the celebrations library: halloween program sourcebook, edited by sue ellen thompson.  i must get this for our personal library.  the title page describes it as "the story of halloween, including excerpts of stories and legends, strange happenings, poems, plays, activities, and recipes focusing on halloween from the eighteenth century to the present, supplemented with a bibliography and indexes."  diana and i each read "the black cat" by edgar allan poe and were totally creeped out.  reading the story of the two princes in the tower of london in story of the world made the whole concept of murder and stone walls even more disturbing. shudder.

autumn leaves by ken robbins is a beautiful book, with photographs of a variety of fall leaves.  we used it last year as a delightful reference book and fodder for sketching leaves.  diana made a placemat last year with leaves she traced and colored.  she labeled them on the back and we put them between pieces of clear contact paper and she quizzed us all the time to see if we could identify the kind of tree each leaf came from.

in perusing our shelves to find the aforementioned book, i found two little pocket-sized identification guides that a kindly relative provided to us some time ago.  being a pack rat, i tend to not get rid of anything, and it's a re-discovery like this that reinforces my behavior.  tree finder: a manual for the identification of trees by their leaves by may theilgaard watts and fall color finder by c. ritchie bell & anne h. lindsey will now be included on our go-to list for nature journaling and crafting.

i eagerly look forward to checking out websites i frequent to gain new inspiration for seasonal discoveries: the crafty crow and family fun are full of ideas.

this morning's woodland farmer's market had some lovely items to feed our bringing-nature-inside habit.  chinese lantern tree branches, a pumpkin, a squash.  they look lovely with our existing nature collection.  we'll light our beeswax pinecone candle tonight at dinner in recognition of the season.

and another thing that makes me smile - flowers from my darling husband.  we're celebrating the anniversary of when we met, 25 years ago on the campus of the ohio state university.  he is my parenting partner, my best friend, and the person with whom i am happyest at home, wherever our home happens to be.

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  1. Yes : ) and Yes : ) All of the above (well, not the steve part!) Maybe two yeses on the "how lovely my warm fall-spiced coffee is"