Sunday, September 23, 2012

fall-ing into place

it worked out this afternoon that the three of us completed an art project - together.

now, this is a pretty significant happening in our household.  diana is my crafty girl, always up for just about anything creative and/or decorative.  ander, on the other hand, would much prefer to stick to LEGO construction than do anything that smacks of "art."  i suppose i could have asked him to build me a forest scene from LEGOs and he could handle that fairly well on his own.

i'm a clever mommy (or so i was told the other day as i was shopping at costco and a grandmotherly-type was impressed at how i involved ander in loading the groceries on the conveyor belt and separating our order from others with the plastic divider-thingies.  i didn't think much of it, but apparently she thought that was a great way to keep him involved and occupied in line), so i leveraged his love for the alphabet to persuade him to participate with us.

this was not my original idea - i found "a sign of thanks" in the familyfun festive fall crafts activity guide - but i applied it in a way that worked for us.

i wrote out the word "autumn."  each child got to select a letter and a sheet of construction paper in black, yellow, or orange.  i drew out the letter "a" for ander, and he placed fall foam stickers to cover the lines.  diana composed her letters freehand, using mostly natural materials she has collected over time and keeps in glass jars.  she's pretty handy with a glue gun.  ander went for the "n" afterwards, and then opted to also make a "v" because, well, he just likes the letter "v."  he let me decorate that one and put it on his alphabet wall.  diana handled the remaining letters, plus an additional word.

these words now grace our dining room/living room wall, where the kids can see when they sit at the table or on the couch.  it really was quite fun, we were all together, and it makes me happyer at home every time it comes into view.

and now some pictures of the items i mentioned in my last post about fall

starchy yarn pumpkin

cheesecloth ghost
watercolor leaf garland.  i think we'll need to take to these again with darker paint colors.
this success makes me want to plan more things...i wonder how creative i can be with my two very different young ones.

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