Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new book, new blog

i started reading lori pickert's book project based homeschooling and LOVE IT!

following the excellent ideas in her writings, i (finally) said "yes" to diana when she asked if she could create her own blog.  she drove this creation while i navigated and offered insight and suggestions, much like i got from suzie and lisa when i attended their "elements of blogging" class and started my own blog several months ago.

so here it is, diana's blog.  please go visit her and comment.  she would love some enthusiastic support.  and readers.  and some ideas on how to go about publishing her fantasy book, clock of fate.

i am SO happyer at home today because of what i was able to do - at home - for my little learner!


  1. awesome :)

    i look forward to keeping up with what you guys are doing! i hope you’ve joined the forum, too. :)