Thursday, August 23, 2012

candlemaking (guest post by diana)

yesterday i made a few candles at a workshop in winters. mom wanted me to tell how i made them, and i happily agreed to do a guest post.
the workshop was in the teacher's studio. that's where she makes candles for her shop, bee happy candles. she had molds and hot beeswax ready for the class. there were shelves of candles, rows of molds, and three hot pots of melted beeswax!
so get ready to make candles!

molding wax
this is a hunk of molding wax. it is used to decorate candles with 3-d art that can't be put in the mold. decorating wax (it comes in thin sheets) is used for the same purpose.

this is an angel candle. i used a mold to make this one. the molds look really strange - like a rubber column. it has a hole in the bottom where a piece of wick comes through. there is a bundle of wick outside of the mold and one of the ends comes through the hole, up into the mold, and is secured by a pin across the top of the hole where the wax is poured in. once you pour wax into the hole, you wait until the wax is fully dry and then pull out the pin. then pull the candle out and cut the wick on the bottom and top. finished!

this egg was pre-made so we could decorate them right then. i used decorating wax (see 'molding wax,') and created a septimus heap egg. then, when i was done decorating, i dipped it in a pan of wax to put a protective coating on it. finished!

acorn (large)
this was another molded candle. the way i did two colors was this: i first poured in the top of the candle (or, moldwise, the bottom,) and waited until it was half-dry. then i poured in the top color and let it all dry. then i pulled it out and finished!

acorn (small)
this is another bi-colored acorn. i always get this candle all the time whenever i go to her shop, so i was very excited to choose the exact colors of the acorn and actually make it myself!

how to make tapers (makes 2)
1. cut a piece of wick a few inches longer than twice the length of a taper.
2. fold the wick in half.
3. dip the wick in a pot of melted beeswax.
4. scrape drips off bottom.
5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until tapers are preferred thickness.
tip: don't worry if the drips dry, there's no wick in the drips so you can just cut them off.
tip: don't worry if the tapers dry while you are still making them. it's actually better if they do that.
 happy candlemaking!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a really fun workshop, I am so glad you wrote a guest post about it. I hope you will send the link to Jan because I am sure she would love to see it! I wish you and your mom had been able to stop by and visit me while you were in Winters. Maybe nest time.

  2. Hi Diana,

    What a good candle student you are! And a good writer! Thank you for sharing your post with me.