Tuesday, July 10, 2012

vampire obsession (guest post by diana)

i have now discovered the best vampire books ever!
#1 is araminta spookie. there is an entire series of five books. i have read 4 of them and i hope to get the fifth at the library soon. the books are about araminta spookie, her aunt, her vampire uncle, her friend wanda wizzard, and their adventures. ( oh, and they have 2 ghosts as well.)
#2 is little vampires by rebecca hicks. read about the tiny vampires who play at the beach and feast on blood oranges. i even met the author at a fair, and i got a signed copy!
#3 are the books i'm writing. it's the abigail series and it is a trilogy. i am busy with the first one, true vampires. the next are strange blood and fanged terror. (also i'm writing the adventures of sir ribbit, about a knight-frog. the 4 stories can come separately or in a single book.)

i have also agreed with my upstairs neighbor, juliet, that we will go trick-or-treating together and we will both be vampires. my favorite face painter may even paint my face white, with fangs, and blood dripping! fun!

i love vampires!

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  1. Please keep us updated on publication dates for the Abigail series! It sounds fabulous!