Sunday, July 8, 2012

singing and signing

i'm attempting to keep the videos off the computer and the television screens today.  wish me luck.  or strength.  or patience.  or all three.

i'm not feeling completely on top of things.  i had all the windows open and thought it was nice that i felt a pleasant, cool breeze.  wait.  some part of my brain pushed the thought forward that this was summer and it's probably 97 degrees outside.  no cool breeze this time of day or year.  then i realized i had not turned off the a/c this morning.  ugh.  our first electric bill in this apartment astonished me, and not in a good way.  i was used to our solar panels collecting so much energy during these sunny months that we could afford to run the a/c practically all the time (it seemed) without putting such a dent in our budget. now i want to unplug everything sit and sweat it out.  that doesn't help any of our moods, though.

but i digress.

vivaldi (the four seasons) is keeping ander pretty well entertained, though he only thinks of spring and basically rejects my claim that the other seasons have their own part in the music, too. i love to listen to him hum the parts of multiple instruments.  he'll drop or raise an octave easily to mimic a different part, and since i am familiar with the music, my brain just fills in the gaps.  i wonder if he hears it all in his head, too.

after hosting some very dear friends as guests over the past week, diana is getting back into her regular piano practice.  i eagerly anticipate hearing her clear, sweet voice as she sings along to some of the pieces.  she's recently learned edelweiss from the sound of music and i love to harmonize along by myself from another room.  don't want to disturb the creative process, you know.

as for the signing, well, ander just cracked me up this morning.  he's fairly well-versed in basic ASL, having watched somewhere near 16 volumes of signing time approximately a zillion times, and many episodes of "larryandsharon" at least as many times.

he brought me his little catalog of LEGO city structures.

ander - "this is the sign for police station." signs "p" and "s."

me - "wow!" (i am amazed that he came up with this abbreviation.  i have little doubt that it is not correct, but who am i to crush his little spirit?)

ander - "this is the sign for fire station." signs "f" and "s."

me - "cool."

i think for a minute, then ask, "what's the sign for crustacean?"

ander (without missing a beat and with a BIG smile on his glowing face) signs "c" and "s."

and we all have a good laugh and eat our french toast.

merrily we roll (or sing or sign) along...

i am happyer at home today because i may not be attending to the bigger things, like electric bills, but i notice the little things, like humor and harmonizing.

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