Friday, July 27, 2012

if you've got a big job, you better get a big mah-chine

one of ander's obsessions (along with LEGOs and anything to do with traveling in outer space) is construction machines.

not just any construction machines, mind you. ALL of them.  dump trucks, bulldozers, cement trucks, cranes, excavators, front-end loaders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, graders, and compactors.  he can identify them by sight, knows the names of most of the parts, and can tell you their primary features.

he watches his favorite videos over and over and over:

i love big machines 2 (the songs on this one are catchy; we sing them all day long)
i dig dirt (there's a song on this one, too, but not quite as much fun after the 20th time)
all about heavy construction equipment for kids (love the genie in the thermos bottle)

these are about real machines, mind you, not toys.  he does play with toy versions, though, in the gravel driveway and the dirt around our plants in the garden.  our upstairs neighbor has a backhoe loader that ander wants to play with every morning as soon as he wakes up and in the afternoon after his swim lesson.  and a couple times in between, too.

we also look for construction machines working whenever we are driving.  most people i know try to avoid construction zones - we actively look for them.  and if there is a street with no traffic and some workers out on the site, we pull over so ander can watch and wave to them.  if there is a route where we've seen construction machines out before, we must drive that route again to see if they are still there.

i think i really made his day today, though.  while diana was in her watercolor art class, ander and i went to woodland tractor and equipment.  we went in and asked if we could climb up on the big machines we'd been admiring all week from the confines of the car in the parking lot.

they said YES!

i let him loose to explore anything and everything he wanted.



the bulldozer was his favorite.  he spent lots of time climbing up, down, and over the treads/tracks, checking out the rippers in the back, and pretending to move the levers around.

afterwards, we went back in to say "thanks" to the very nice man and he even offered us popcorn on the way out.  we indulged and looked at the chainsaws on display.  

we'll be back again, i'm sure.  what an awesome place.  ander wants the keys to one of these bad boys.

i am happyer at home today because i found a way to bring a dream into reality.

p.s. after i posted, i thought about the books we are reading about construction and wanted to share:

big wheels by anne rockwell
tonka: if i could drive a loader by michael teitelbaum
tonka: if i could drive a crane by michael teitelbaum
construction zone by tana hoban


  1. That is a HAPPY guy! Thanks for the tip : ) Linus is taking his new "sand trucks" everywhere & showing *everyone* - maybe we'll join you!

  2. So great that you asked! Reminds me of an early ocean vacation we took. We were so exicted to have our child at the ocean and all Dale wanted to do was watch the machines that were working in the parking lot area.