Wednesday, July 11, 2012

happyer at hogwarts?

well, slytherin won the house cup at  way to go, you master brewers of potions.  including steve, BludgerUnicorn24578

i can't complain about gryffindor not winning, as i haven't been doing anything to contribute points to my house.  my handle is SeerCastle21312

diana is cranky that so many people disparage her house.  she's glad she's a hufflepuff, though.  SilverHeart22232.  loyal thorough and through.  i want her on my side.

now the second book, the chamber of secrets, is open to players.  i have just informed diana of this, and i have lost her to the game again.  with that comes all the squeals of delight and shouts of frustration that come with playing the game.  sigh.  what roller coasters of emotion we are, my girl and i.

in case you are a harry potter fan, or, more specifically a pottermore fan, may i suggest these sites suck you into the wizarding world even more:

blog of a pottermore beta

pottermore insider

and for fellow lions: gryffinroar

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