Friday, July 6, 2012

enjoying the fruits of labor

i like reading my friend jen's blog.  her lessons from my garden are particularly enjoyable to me.  they reflect metaphors of life.

she has inspired today's post.

sometimes, good results come from when you step away and don't tend too much.

there are two mature plum trees in our backyard.  i can take no credit for their care.  they were there before we moved in.  the irrigation was already set up.  it all must be working, because there is plenty of fruit to enjoy.

someone else's labor, but i am enjoying it.  i am grateful for their sharing.  they don't even know who we are.

i cannot personally thank the person who planted the tree or tended to it all this time, but i can appreciate the result and bring it to someone else's attention and honor its presence.

sometimes, good results come from mindful, attentive, loving grooming.

i thought i had done little for these juliet tomatoes, other than planting in good soil, making sure they had room and support, opportunity for full sun, deep watering.  i watched and i waited and i was pleasantly surprised to see some fruit, all at various stages of ripening.

then i realized that i DID do a lot for those tomatoes after all.  kind of like i'm striving to do for my children.  grounding them in a foundation of love.  creating an architecture of attachment to me and their father and loving family and friends so that they feel secure and safe and can branch out with confidence and maturity.  exposing them to knowledge to expand and illuminate their minds.  allowing them to explore and experience life in so many different ways so they can discover their place in it.  stepping in when tending is needed and stepping back when it is not.

and i watch and i wait and i see them bloom and grow and develop at their own pace, on their own schedule, in their own way.

the tomatoes will be enthusiastically harvested and consumed, thus ending their life cycle.  the plum trees bring forth new fruits each season, which are just as joyfully devoured.  there are lessons to be learned in both.

my hope is that there will be people in my daughter's and son's futures who will appreciate and honor their presence in the world.  my hope is that they will be loved and celebrated for the beauty and sweetness they bring to life.  i already get to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor with them.  may there be others who enjoy it, too.

i am happyer at home today because i am at home.  it holds my garden of children.  it is my place of peace.

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