Wednesday, July 18, 2012

dancing back in time

old sacramento is currently hosting time travel weekends.  diana was invited by her irish dance teachers to participate in a perfomance last weekend.  it took some convincing to persuade her.  she has performed in public before, but this would be the first time without any of her fellow students from her class.

she's been asked to come up and dance with siamsa at the scottish games each spring, where she first saw them perform and was inspired to take lessons, but without her dance shoes or preparation for which dance it would be, she's declined the offer.  this time, we got a little notice beforehand and she had time to get comfortable with the idea.

and, she was to be in period costume, so that's more fun!

last year at woodland's stroll through history, we purchased a brown bonnet for dress-up.  at last saturday's farmer's market, diana found a pretty apron she just had to have, and we recognized the very same delightful lady had made it!

add the apron to the pioneer girl-style dress and matching bonnet we acquired via freecycle from another woodland resident, and diana had her outfit ready.
despite being nervous in anticipation of the performance, diana enjoyed being dressed up and belonging to the crowd of re-enactors.  rather than viewing the dances as a spectator, she was living the whirlwind excitement as a performer.  she received enthusiastic applause and encouragement from fellow dancers and entertained audience members.

the activities afterward at the victorian academy held great interest for her, especially constructing a cornhusk doll, which she named cornelia, and learning the skill of making a button whizzer work.  ander was particularly enthralled by the mechanics of the sewing machines.

it's going to be a scorcher next weekend, according to the weather forecast, hotter than last time, but the kids and i are gung-ho for going again.  diana will dance (mama might actually use the video feature on the camera correctly and capture a lovely snippet) and make another doll, ander will likely sew something, and maybe we'll get ice cream after watching the new golden melodeon review in the eagle theatre again - it was highly entertaining, and somewhat cooler than being outside.

ok, maybe two ice creams.

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  1. in her bonnet she really looks like you! and ander, too - which is funny b/c i think he really looks like your DH! Fun to see!!