Saturday, July 28, 2012

clock of fate - guest post by diana

diana here, to talk about my new book!
here's my prologue for my completed book, clock of fate. enjoy!
please leave a comment if you want the entire story!
When the midwife pulled the baby from the dying mother, she was shocked. The baby girl already had a lustrous length of red hair, and she did not cry. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of purple. The girl weighed only 4 pounds, and was thin, not chubby like other babies.
But the midwife did not look at or pay any attention to these strange occurrences. She stared at the girl’s breast. For there, above the baby’s heart, was a gold timepiece with a glass front set into the flesh.
            As the girl grew older, living on her own, she began things only when she was told she would by the clock in her breast.   From this you’ll see that the clock told the girl’s fate, and only she could read it.

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