Saturday, July 14, 2012

caught in a LEGO MINDSTORM

so ander and i were lying on the bed the other day, looking at the poster that came in his LEGO  space centre kit.  i actually read it this time and followed up on checking out the website

a treasure trove is what i found!!!!!!

if you haven't been there yet, you have no idea about the simple machines you can build here on earth and then compare their mechanical working to identical ones working in microgravity on the international space station.  sweet!

then, i found a link to  hold on to your wallet, daddy.  i'm going on a shopping spree.  here's what i'd love to get for the kids:

simple and motorized mechanisms base set

simple and motorized mechanisms activity pack (so i don't have to come up with all the designs on my own.  yes, that would be fun, but i am trying to do some directed learning here)


MINDSTORMS resource set


and now some links to stuff i had not thought of to do with LEGOs:

modeling chemical reactions (ok, i had already come across this but i needed to put it in my blog and this seemed like a good place.)

modeling photosynthesis

neat mathy things

build a skull

if you haven't been to sam's blog - LEGO Quest - go.  it deserves special mention here.  (i recently connected with sam via twitter and am really excited soooo looking forward to the fall when the challenges start up again!)

enough blogging - it's time to go LEGO shopping!  thank goodness ander's birthday is coming up so we can add more LEGOs.  don't worry about keeping it a surprise - he's fully expecting it.

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