Tuesday, July 17, 2012

camping - a family first

all four of us went camping together for the very first time just before steve departed across the country for his new job.

i am not what one would call a camper.  i did stay in a tent a couple of times in my life, i think, but it was when i was much, much younger.  before kids.  before being married, even.  i like the creature comforts of home: hot running water, flushing toilets, you know.

i'm so glad i stepped out of my comfort zone to do this.  it was magical.

italian soda
strawberry smoothie

mocha something
iced pumpkin chai from dutch brothers

across the sf-oakland bay bridge

coit tower, one of ander's favorite sights in sf

steve getting our tent ready

jen and linus, camping buddies extra-ordinaire

ander, sela and diana checking out the big climbing tree at our campsite

gazing at the pacific ocean

half moon bay

mountains, trees, sand & surf, relatively secluded campground - perfect!

despite the season, it was chilly in the morning.  been here in ca for three years and i still marvel at cool nights and hot days.  it's not like that in the midwest or the south.

we had nighttime visitors.  most everything was locked up tightly, so all we had in the morning was a lot of muddy footprints to clean up.

first-time kite flyer.  he's a natural, that boy of mine.  bodes well for flight school and space travel later in life.

i meant only to wade in up to my shins at most.  i didn't pay attention to how big the waves could be.  that water was really, really cold.

many, many thanks to our homeschool friends who made this a fantastic experience for us in many, many ways.


  1. looks amazing! We love camping as a family. It's something I have grown into late in life, and I love connecting the family with nature and each other.

    1. i will definitely be doing it more often now. i remember "camping" at SPOT, yet i think i stayed in the lodge, so i'm not sure that counts as camping...;)

  2. Beautifully captured. I'm SO happy I was there!!! Wish we could repeat this weekend!!

  3. I have so many happy family camping memories. Glad you got started on yours!