Tuesday, July 10, 2012

abc in flower form

i'm always on the lookout for abc books for ander, as he loves them so.  when we were at the local library last week, perusing the alphabet section, we agreed to check out alison's zinnia by anita lobel.  the cover was enticing enough for him to give it a chance.  (yes, in fact, we DO judge a book by its cover, despite the adage not to.  so there.  first impressions mean a lot with this boy of mine.  book publishers, take note.)

i should know by now that i never know what he's going to get out of something he reads.  he surprises me.  i thought he would get a kick out of the alliteration with flower names and the girls associated with them.  i was interested in teaching him what the different verbs and phrases meant.

he, however, can now identify the twenty-six different kinds of flowers in the picture on the front cover.  in alphabetical order.  if you are not sufficiently impressed, the flowers are not displayed with their names nor are they in alphabetical order in the picture.  yes, he's awesome.  thanks for allowing me that little brag.

sure, we get hung up on sweet william, and i know i did not pronounce gaillardia correctly and it will be next to impossible to correct that mistake with him (i still stumble over diplodocus from diana's dinosaur days), and he thinks the peony looks remarkably like the rose.  but from reading this book together, i sure have learned a whole lot more about flowers.

plus he gets a kick out of the daffodil for dawn.  he giggles and smiles and hugs me every time.

this triggers a memory of diana's birthday party, in which she and her guests and members of the family present at the time created fairy names for themselves.  i cannot recall what they were, though i think i was clever enough to take pictures of the place cards they created because i know my memory cannot be trusted, but i'm fairly certain there were flowers and alliteration involved.  i thought at the time that agapanthus would be great for ander.  maybe i had something right there; the first flower in the book is amaryllis.

(i didn't know they were related until just now when i googled it.  see what having information at one's fingertips can do?  oh, how i love the world wide web.)

anyway, if you like alphabet books, or flower books, or pretty illustrations, or are curious about potential flower names for girls, we'd recommend this book.

i am happyer at home today because my kids still come to me and ask me to read to them.  oh, how that feels!

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