Monday, June 4, 2012

treasure chest - science

one of the main reasons i started this blog was to create some organized (hah!) repository of information regarding our homeschooling.  rather than searching through my bookmarks, i could just search through my posts and find all kinds of treasures.

hence the idea of a treasure chest.  it's big (almost TARDIS-like, in my imagination), it's messy, but if you are patient and willing to comb through, you might find something you like.

plus it sounds so much more appealing than a junk drawer.

so here's where i'm going to start, with science, one of my favorite topics!  what you'll find in this edition of Treasure Chest is a list of all sorts of websites and stuff we use or have used (to the best of my memory) or have intentions to use (meaning, i have perused them and like them but haven't yet introduced them to the kids or i keep meaning to use it sometime in a later lesson).  i'm not offering an evaluation of each; if it made it to the list, it was worth at least a little of our while.  if you want to know more about our experience with a particular one, please ask and i'll be happy to follow up.  homeschoolers just looooove to talk about what they are doing, and i am no exception.


lab rat academy - rocks & minerals, cell biology


r.e.a.l. science odyssey from pandia press - level one for life, earth & space, and chemistry
real science 4 kids from gravitas publications - elementary and middle school levels of physics

websites (in no particular order):

supercharged science
middle school chemistry
interactive periodic table
how to smile
science of cooking
kids health
neuroscience for kids
nise network
harvard natural sciences lecture demonstrations
did you ever wonder
everyday mysteries


tmbg here comes science cd and dvd set

wow, just the process of combing through some of my resources has renewed my enthusiasm for them.  creative juices are flowing.

i am happyer at home because i have the ability to gain access to so much right from my home sweet home.

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