Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer solstice

today is the summer solstice.  the longest day of the year.  it is a turning point.  a change of season.  a difference in view and perspective.

we started celebrating the solstices years ago when we lived in st. louis.  there was another family in our playgroup who also homeschool their daughter, who is the same age as diana.  (diana still considers her among her very best friends of all time, though we have been in california for three years now.  i feel the same way about the mama.)  we gathered for activities, food, music, and other rituals of recognition.

although she is in my mind quite often, my thoughts turn particularly to that dear mama friend on solstice.  i continue to wear the bracelets she made for me, and they make me feel closer to her.

tonight we light our themed beeswax candle (courtesy of a local artist, jan schubert) and sing a song of sunshine.

here are some family favorites:

here comes the sun by the beatles

why does the sun shine? by tmbg

why does the sun really shine? by tmbg

i can see clearly now by johnny nash

you are my sunshine - this is a particularly gentle version

i am happyer at home today because the love of family and friends, no matter where they are, keeps a little sunshine in my heart.

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