Thursday, June 14, 2012

my phone is ringing

so, some friends were over for dinner, and one of their cell phones started ringing.  it was will ferrell as robert goulet, singing, "your phone is ringing, la de da do..."  it cracked me up.

i asked steve, my technological master handyman, to acquire this same ringtone for my phone, which he obliging did.

there have been two unintended reactions to this.  first, ander has developed quite a good rendition of will ferrell's robert goulet impression (i wonder what that's called, doing an impression of someone else's impression.  there's got to be a name for that, right?)  he changed it every so slightly to: "your soul is ringing" and now ALL of us in the house can't get it out of our heads.  we sing it almost absentmindedly, and it does come in handy on occasion to break up tension.

second, it has led to me be introspective (big surprise there).  what would lead me to adopt this ringtone?  there are plenty of options, why did i choose this one?  i came to me as i was sitting in a waiting room.  my phone rang, and the woman next to me smiled and laughed a little.  she did not know who it was, but the sound took her by surprise and in a pleasant way.

it does that to me, too.  it always startles me a little when the phone rings; it's not a particularly commonplace occurrence in our house.  instead of a jarring sound, though, as many ringtones can be to my ears, this one immediately evokes a happy, amused feeling, so that when i answer the phone i am smiling.  it puts me in a receptive-to-communication mood.  i feel more optimistic, more open to the possibility that i will enjoy the content of the call.

it may sound a little odd that i can get this from a ring tone.  but i bet i've got you thinking about it now, huh?


  1. Awesome. I'm so glad my crazy ringtone has brought you so much amusement! I'm afraid you'll be cursing me in a few days, though :)

    1. not at all - we are all enjoying it immensely! my appreciation has only grown for it. that cannot be said for most ringtones i hear, especially with someone singing.