Friday, June 8, 2012

music that touches my mind and heart

when i was younger, i loved carl sagan and his pbs series cosmos: a personal voyage.  i actually cried after the final episode of the series aired because i was so sad it had come to an end and i would not be listening to his voice and watching him explore the universe.

of course, i own the dvd set now.  not sure if the kids will have the same interest, at least right now.  they are young, still.  so i can watch it by myself, which is what i'd prefer anyway.

when steve came across this song/video some time back, i felt that familiar delight in carl's voice and words.  the kids really like it, too, enough that it has made it to some of our home dance party mixes and some lyrical lines find there way into our everyday lives.  yes, we sing a lot during the day.  doesn't everyone?

today i came across another song/video, this time about mr. rogers.  it will be on our playlist in short order, as soon as i can show it to the kids.

the style of the mr. rogers song reminded me of the carl sagan song, and the article verified my thought that the same musician was involved.  the symphony of science is self-described as a project to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public through music.

carl sagan and mr. rogers both taught me more about the world i live in and beyond.  so, in a way, they have helped shape my idea of home.  i am happyer at home today because of them.

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  1. I can't wait to check these out! thank you for sharing them! I hope your blog is really what you intended it to be - it sure is to me!!