Thursday, June 14, 2012

do you know TED?

TED is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful resource.  TED's tagline is "ideas worth spreading."  the topics are interesting, the presenters are passionate, the questions raised are thought-provoking.  i am educated, entertained, delighted, and inspired by them.

my dad sent me a link to a beautiful video on pollination.  it was on youtube, but he let me know that it came from a TED talk, so looked it up and watched the whole presentation.  now i have found other breathtaking videos by the same filmmaker at movingart.

i want to know what other smart, curious, creative, forward-thinking, driven people are working on.  TED allows me to attend mini conference sessions from the comfort of my home.  i learn about the people behind the ideas - what ignites and propels them.  then i search out their work and learn more and more and more.  and i pass the ideas along, because they are worth spreading.

some of my favorites (so far):

i am happyer at home because i have TED right here with me.


  1. Haaaaaaaaaave you met my friend, Ted? do you know this reference yet?

  2. Oh - and I was off! It's really: Haaaaaave you met Ted? Darn it! Check with your DH & see if he knows. I'll fill you in, if he doesn't : )