Tuesday, June 5, 2012

authors we like - laurence yep

our love for author laurence yep's work started with a book we acquired somehow: dragon's gate.  astute reader diana recognized the author's name on another book we borrowed from the library, and she liked that one, too.

since then, he has come in handy when studying historical events and cultural points of interest.  and he's fun to read, apparently.

she has enjoyed so far:

the rainbow people
tongues of jade
the star fisher
the khan's daughter: a mongolian folktale
the journal of wong ming-chung: a chinese miner, california, 1852
the earth dragon awaits: the san francisco earthquake of 1806
lady of ch'iao kuo: warrior of the south, southern china, a.d. 531

i love it when the kids recognize authors and illustrators by their work and ask for more by the same people.  not all selections work out, but if they get hooked by just the right book at the right time, it often leaves them open and hungering for more by that author.  sure makes it easier for the book fairy to find something new to put on the shelves in the house.  and it leads to curious discussions with diana as she notices similarities and differences within a body of work by one author.

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  1. One you must try if you have not yet seen, and in my own collection, Child of the Owl.