Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a very harry potter party

none of this was mine.  i want to be up front with that.  but it was so well thought up and executed that i HAD to make sure it got documented somewhere.

diana was invited to a friend's birthday party.  of course, she wanted to go because it was for her friend - but when she learned it would be a HARRY POTTER PARTY she nearly flipped her lid with happiness.

we arrived and were immediately impressed with the creative signage.
after several rousing rounds of a "pass the parcel" trivia game, the end of which resulted in the enthusiastic consumption of chocolate frogs, each hogwarts student went to ollivander's to find a wand. there were so many choices of length, core, and wood; when they waved the right one in the air, a magical sound indicated that the wand had found its master.  
 the sorting hat activity went really, really well.  the kids waited for their turns with barely-contained enthusiasm and full of hope to be selected into the house of their choice.  when they realized the hat was actually talking TO them, all disbelief was suspended and magic was all around!  almost everyone was pleased; ander was sorted into slytherin at first, but the sorting hat was persuaded to take its time and reconsider.  he ended up in gryffindor, to his utter delight.

and the potion-making?  well, that was clearly a success, too, for all ages. 

the butterbeer was TOPS!  i may need to make it a grown-up recipe and add a splash of butterscotch schnapps.

bertie bott's every flavor beans and little owl stickers and rubber frogs hidden inside dragon's eggs filled a pinata cleverly crafted to look like a golden snitch.  the choice of a broomstick was perfect to whack the thing and send it spinning, wings all a-flutter.
well done, my friend!  what incredible attention to detail, every activity designed to appeal to the young partygoers.  i am duly impressed by how this was executed.  best of all, the birthday child and all the friends had a great time.

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