Monday, May 14, 2012

whole earth festival

saturday we spent the day at the whole earth festival (wef) in davis.

diana and a fellow dance student performed with irish dance group siamsa le cheile in the morning.  she's been studying irish dance with various members of this group for almost two years, and this was her second time performing at the wef.  she's really evolved in her attitude towards performing her craft - it used to be that she was reluctant to dance in front of anyone except for her immediate family.  even after nearly a year, she had to be persuaded to perform for a small group of dancers' family and friends for a st. patrick's day recital of sorts.  now in her second year, she is enthusiastic about performing but feels ok about it only when she is up on stage - the anticipation in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to a performance is full of nervous and excited energy.  i could tell she was having fun from watching the genuine, brilliant smile on her face the whole time she was dancing.

the wef as an event has a great vibe.  lively music, entertaining dancing, fantastically delicious and decently healthy food (black bean chili with greek yogurt, cheese, and chives over brown rice, garlic fries, frozen watermelon and limeade slushies), and friendly vendors.  i indulged the kids with a pair of dancing wings and they've loved incorporating them into their play.

though we've enjoyed the labyrinth in years past, we didn't even look for it this year, preferring to stay in the kids' space instead,  there was plenty of room for climbing and artistic expression.

as i had explained to ander that morning, "a festival has games, food, music, and dancing."  i had forgotten to mention the friends and other people in our community we would see and with whom we could share our time.  our experience surpassed our expectations.  what a wonderful way to spend mother's day weekend.

i am happyer at home today because of this magical time and place to explore our creative imaginations in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

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  1. Looks like you really did it up, WEF-style! Just like the Californians you are ; )