Wednesday, May 16, 2012

more poetry

i mentioned some of the poetry books we like in a prior post; here are more to add to the list:

earth verses and water rhymes by j. patrick lewis (i just looked him up and am fascinated by this prolific body of work - i need to get back to the library to get more!)

pieces: a year in poems and quilts by anna grossnickle hines  (read her story at the link - wow, what an undertaking! plus she has more books like this!)

hailstones and halibut bones: adventures in color by mary o'neill, illustrated by leonard weisgard (this is one from waaaaaay back - a gift to steve and his sister from their grandparents in 1975.  there's been a newer version with a different illustrator, but i haven't read that one)

a few that have stuck in our minds from times past, especially in relation to topics we are studying, or ones we have learned about from others:

voices of ancient egypt by kay winters

good masters!  sweet ladies!  voices from a medieval village by laura amy schlitz

dark emperor and other poems of the night by joyce sidman

red sings from treetops: a year in colors by joyce sidman

one of the curricula we use for language arts is michael clay thompson's, available at royal fireworks press.  level 1 vocabulary building language has some very fun poems written by the author to illustrate the use of some latin word stems.  we are also making our way (slowly) through the same author's music of the hemispheres.

i am happyer at home today because i can read and listen to and appreciate poetry in a way i never did growing up.  experiencing it with my children brings a whole new, fresh perspective.

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