Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the forbidden city

we've recently explored a bit of the ming dynasty and the forbidden city in china.

we jumpstart our history lessons using the story of the world by susan wise bauer and then explore further on our own.  she created some art; i suggested she design her own forbidden city.  i appreciated the thought she put into the design, incorporating beauty and practicality, and the ingenious names she came up with for the different spaces made me laugh.

her favorite books from among those i selected at the library:

you wouldn't want to be in the forbidden city! a sheltered life you'd rather avoid by jacqueline morley (there is a whole series of these books)

elephants and golden thrones: inside china's forbidden city by trish marx

i know things stick in her head when she incorporates elements of culture and customs in her play.  sometimes she'll tell me about an activity and i get the sense that i've seen or heard something like it before.  when i ask her where she came up with the idea, she smiles and says, "you know!" and i am left marveling again about how intricate and complex our understanding of the world really is.

i am happyer at home today because of all the things i learn about just by being in close proximity to curious people.

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