Tuesday, May 22, 2012

chiggen box

hi! i am diana, and i am guest blogging for mom. i am here to talk about my pox.
it all started when i was playing dress-up (we have quite a few costumes) with my friend juliet. she lives upstairs. so, when i was changing, she pointed out quite a few spots resembling mosquito bites. except there were a ton of them, and they were only on my chest.
a while later, a friend offered to see what they were. she said it was chickenpox.
so we went to the doctor, she said chickenpox too.
we count the spots in the morning and at night.

here is a list of the pox numbers.
friday, pm      24
saturday, pm  50
sunday, am    61
sunday, pm    71
monday, pm  86
today, am      75

my pox, at least, is a mild case, since i have already gotten 2 vaccines.

i must tell chiggen box's tale. so there's this company called giantmicrobes. the first microbe i bought was chickenpox.
my brother ander was really little, and he couldn't pronounce the name right. so he called it chiggen box. now my microbe is named chiggen box.
goodbye for now, from me and my pox!


  1. I hope you get better soon! You are very dedicated to count your spots! Somehow I never caught chicken pox even without vaccines, but I think I have had enough mosquito bites to make up for it.

    Jennifer (from LLL in U City / St. Louis)

  2. Hi Diana! What a great post! I'm sorry you have the chiggen box - it sounds like you're making the best of it!

  3. hi d!

    soooo here's my pox story:
    i had a bad case (we didn't have a vaccine back then)... and i was really young, way too young to understand (or obey) the command "DON'T SCRATCH!" so, to this day, i have a tiny (maybe 1 cm diameter) circle on the side of my face from one pock, and in the summer time i get four freckles right above the circle. it looks like a tiny paw print. my parents always wanted to get it fixed, but secretly, it's one of my favorite things about myself! i like to imagine a tiny dog ran up the side of my face.
    i hope you get better soon! in the mean time enjoy an oatmeal bath and a few good books!

  4. Hi Diana,

    I hope you climb out of the chiggen box soon. Ander might like it if you read to him some of the Denys Cazet books in the "Grandpa Spanielson's Chicken Pox Stories" series. They are very silly stories like the other stories Cazet writes about Minnie and Moo. I really like silly stories all the time, even when I am not itchy.

    I couldn't stop myself from itching when I had the pox either and I have a nice little crater in my eyebrow. Keep counting!

    Anna Mennerick (St. Louis)