Thursday, April 19, 2012

harry potter heaven...or is it?

so there's this website called  i think i heard about it sometime last year (or i could be completely wrong about when i first heard of it. my memory really has gone out the door since having kids.  hence one of the reasons for starting this blog.  i can download my current thoughts and know they will be here for me to refer to later, unlike those little scraps of paper or the lost emails.) and thought it sounded vaguely interesting.  i didn't really know what it was going to be.  steve saw an announcement online at the end of last week that it was available and told diana, who was itching to check it out.  sunday she was able to log in and explored it for several hours, getting up from the computer (or calling out loud to whomever was in earshot) every few minutes to make an announcement about what she'd seen or to ask a question about how something worked.  every day since then has been full of her playing on the site or talking about the site or asking questions about the site.

at first i was concerned about what i thought was becoming an obsession.  but she's been agreeable, mostly, about waiting to log in until after her lessons for the day are complete.  and we learned that only the first book is available on this beta version of the site, so we know there is a limit to how much she can do.  she's gone through the whole book already and has collected everything there is to collect, i think.  she's working on casting spells and building up a network of friends.

what i did not count on was MY obsession with this site.  yes, i have read all the books.  i have seen all but the last two movies.  but i am not really into role-playing games, and i'm certainly not one to spend time on computer games.  i do enough with research and facebook and email and now this blog adventure to keep me plenty busy without adding games into the fray.  i checked out this site at the request of my daughter so that we could enjoy this experience together and it has sucked me in.   now i find myself cheering when i find a galleon, hunkering down to cast a spell more effectively, and swearing madly because my potion isn't brewing correctly despite me being absolutely SURE that i did everything correctly, oh, except for that one part i missed...oops.  and i've committed myself to at least 45 more minutes while waiting for my cure for boils to brew.  no, i can't just walk away and go to bed - i'm trying to earn house points, for goodness sakes!

breathe deeply.

but i'm not alone, awake at 2 am, eating leftover chinese takeout.  steve is here next to me working on the laptop practicing his spells while his potion is brewing.

let me tell you, though, i'm in gryffindor and i am NOT going to let a slytherin show me up.  so there!  bring it on, mister.

i just need to get this potion done so i can get some sleep.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. You're just full of yourself because you haven't accepted my duel yet. Bring it on, Gryffin-dung!

  2. You sound like you're having some much-deserved fun! Good for you : D