Monday, April 23, 2012

eating books, part 1

so i asked diana the other morning how she was enjoying a new book i picked up from the library.  she said it was great, that it was a good "eating book."  when i gave here that "what?" look, she responded that it was a book that she could enjoy while having breakfast or eating a snack.  (you can rarely find her without a book while eating, unless it's at dinner or when other people are at the table or we're out somewhere.)  turns out that a good "eating book" has to be both engaging and long enough so that she doesn't finish it and need to go get another one before she's done eating.

we have lots of books in our personal library that fit the bill - lots of series, in particular - plus some that we've picked up recently.

she'd recommend the following series/authors:

harry potter series by rowling
the secret series by pseudonymous bosch
the mysterious benedict society series by stewart
percy jackson and the olympians by riordan
the gideon trilogy by buckley-archer
roald dahl
laurence yep

i am happyer to be at home today organizing my firefox bookmarks.  i love being able to do quick tidying and learning something new that makes my life more efficient so i can do other things, like practice my curses and countercurses for dueling my hufflepuff daughter on pottermore.

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  1. I have always enjoyed watching Diana with her "eating books" when I arrive for our meetings. I also learning more about how she processes information and the incredible connections she makes.